Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Many would have turn their face to the new media for many reason, but some still strongly believes in the old school bulky magazine. In my very foremost humble opinion, I need both. I still read magazine and being blogger myself, I am sometimes driven by the fashion in the magazines for my blog.

Do we hate each other? I mean Blog vs. Magazine
Is it obvious?

credit an kudos still should be given to people behind a publication magazine, as their effort of styling, Fashion shoot, writting ..... and more. while bloggers just create the hype!
I just want to share some of the editorial art for the upcoming January 2012!

My favorite! Carey Mulligan for W magazine
innocent cuteness isn't she?

Vogue Russia, not really my most fav. the cap is a bit disengage 

Candice in Balmain for Harper's Spain

Vogue German January 2012 - Carola Remer

Queen of noise by  Raquel Zimmermann for Vogue Paris embrace her rock chic look and stunning feature. 

Here is the real queen and diva embracing or some impersonate other diva.

its like putting Anna Wintour on a runway- some says.

Meryl Streep is a blessed kind with her amzing talent in acting, though many love her some still wondering why 2 months in a row at the beach? 
While Glam Malaysia again put the singing diva extraodinaire of the east styled as pop queen of the world! - Madonna

Glam released the photo of the cover somewhen last week and it already invites very much favorable comments by both the magazine and Siti fans.

Siti Nurhaliza Glam January 2012, Edgy huh?

...because dressing up as oneself is too mainstream.

photo by: from the respected magazine website/ FB page 

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