Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Despite her thin, slander figure and some says "alarming figure" the 19 years old supermodel been really busy this year. struting the runway and photographed by some of the finest photographers in teh world. Caught my attention when I am googling around, there is so many pictures of her!
everywhere? everywhere!!

Magnificent for Numero

The most controversial picture of her, for Vogue Italy
her pictures in Vogue.it is the most controversial picture when it was used in some "thinspiration" and pro anorexic websites. Franseco Sozzani editor in chief of Vogue Italia have to removed the picture from their websites and was slashed by many

Her "alarming" skin thin figure

Vogue German
Vogue China May 2011

I-D Magazine spring 2011

vogue Japan

The way I see her, she look super gorgeous with some real clothes on, the VS and Vogue Italia photos does really show that she is super skinny.
Her height just orgasmic with that strong bone structure!
Me possing with her :P @ xtop model party

you are awesome!


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