Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The theme "water" is mostly ignored. on top of that some designers just want to make a joke on the celebrities. SOME.

Alyah - Won best performance
Alyah wore a gown by Hatta Dolmat Couture. The dress was to compliment Alyah "Barbie or Dolly" like performance. For the sake of the dram it want to show on stage, the dress is acceptable. Very well made.
Yasmin Hani
Yasmin wore Syomir Izwa, the look is very sleek, perfect hair and make up. The bag is not the best match huh? But still the newly wed Yasmin look amazing in this look.

Remy Ishak in Canali
This is "Dashing", Remy who make her cameo during Alyah performance caught so many attention of the audiences. The actor look very sleek in Canali, this is a definite look shall be worn by any men out that. Even if you a stand up comedian! Remy top of the trending in Twitter after his appearance.

Ayu Damit in electric Blue
The dress does not photographed well, and some poor workmanship can be seen from this picture. Tho I love the color!

Faizal and Cherly - first outfits
Faizal been dressed poorly, the fitting is bad. I don't  favour the color and the designs. While Cherly wore a blue shades blouse with a glittering black pants. I like the shades of blue played but the front zip line spoiled everything and to add the high shoulder and beads. it's a disastrous look until they changed to another outfits that look 10 times better!

Yuna performing Gadis Semasa
Yuna Zarai who also performed twice during the award show wore this Neon yello-green jacket. The Jacket with the hood embellished with some beads. Yuna who is blessed with a figure with a nice proportion can dress her way anytime. Known for her style, Yuna knows how to dress on her daily basis. For this attire which designed by Syomir Izwa, She look gorgeous in the color, but me no favor the beads.

Ana Rafali
Ana Rafli who is synonymous with her Kurung style. Shocking yellow is a nice color, but the element that spoil the whole Kurung is the skin color sleeves.  what are you trying to do? make it "not so sexy"?

Fouziah Gous in Zery Zamry
Again, I don't know why but I think the dress looks better without the beads! It's a nice cutting and design for Fouziah Gous.

Liyana Jasmay looking simple, but I think the make up make her look more matured, welll its about time.

Marsha look very pale, she could have worn her make up and hair way better, the dress only make she look big.
But at least she trying to be in the "water" theme.

Daphne making appearance alongside with her CLPT  friends


aiman yahaya said...

sometimes I wonder why is it so hard to find a well fitted dress for these celebrities.. is the figure not in a good shape or it is the tailoring?

Ashman Mahfudz said...

well, fitting is much affected by many other factors; the design, the need etc. both tailoring/workmanship/ cutting of the fabrics/ and the figure ca affect the dress..
sketches can be so awesome, but execution is the most important stage!


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