Saturday, February 18, 2012


Rico Rinaldi has expand it's horizon to a true "tough" job in fashion, I would say- Wedding dresses!!
OMG brides scare me sometimes - they get too excited, too stressed out, too everything.

Atelier Rico focus on Rico's other side design concept,  I personally think the designs are very simple - not puff puff. which is should be very in now, as this is no longer Grace Kelly century, Brides must look effortless beauty.

But it's a dream of every Bride to have their exclusive piece made just for them, Usually designers design this do give the bride rough idea on what they might want.

Knowing what you really want is really important as a Bride!

my personal favourite! suka la

The Veil - Can a guy have a veil too???

just dont't be like this ay?

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photographed by: Faisal Hasyim

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