Monday, February 6, 2012


Madonna, all time diva and Queen to the music industry. Be it any weirdo come along the way. Madonna still is the one? Am I wrong?
The Superbowl - the most anticipated event of the year with it's popular multimillion advertising slot and hollywood celebrities that in many cases more talk about than the game itself.
Madonna was chosen to perform during the Halftime show. It was quite an awakening to the Superbowl after few major not so amazing performances on the previous year.

The 53 years old diva wore Haute Couture Givenchy, First the gold cape that is just superbly magical! then the short black dress inspired by the Trojan. I think she brought along batillion of dancers to be her hot Trojan.

Besides, her lip synch performance which is a bit disappointment, she really make herself well deserve the reputation. The dance move, the outfits and the entire performance deserve her a word to talk be about.

Givenchy sketches, pic by : @styleWriterNYC

Mdonna perform "Like A Prayer" with Cee Lo Green with a gospel Choir

Nicki Minaj and MIA joining Madonna for "Give Me All Your Luvin"
Awwwww Love Nicki :D
MIA was slashed, for showing her middle finger on the live TV

The whole entire performance, visually might be the best as far as I could recall. Fashion-ly I would love to see more colors on her! But this is already Amazing!

see her full performance here:
Talk about it :p

photo by: Australia and

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