Saturday, March 3, 2012


It's been really some time since I am writing here. I miss this! I miss my blog.
so recently I went to Kose cosmetic Press conference for their new product Kose infinity , that you all must try.
I think its true that they said Japanese people never get old - well physically. They sought forever beauty in their lifestyle, and japanese beauty product is always promising.

40th Anniversary Kose.

So Amy Mastura, Kose Malaysia celebrity ambassador was there. Amy is so cute, I cant believe she already 40 ++ years old. she's really been here forever.

Amy told the media, that Kose also looking Green matter seriously by replanting sea coral in Okinawa Japan to preserve their Marine life. Amy who also renewed her contract again this year with Kose, introduce the new INFINITY - INFINITY CLEAR FORCE that promise forever youthful and healthy skin, like the one Amy Mastura Have!


Look at the glow in Amy's face? -its Kose!
Pawwen of FashionTalkRap also attended the event and ask for a signature from Amy for his friend. So sweet la you Paww Paww!

some refreshment at Strudels-

I am wearing my Never Follow Suit Lime green Cardigan
Uniqlo Polo shirt
Cheap Monday Pants
DKNY Jeans clucth
Hugo Boss Shoes

my hair is by Messsy. Messy messy hair T____T

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

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