Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Suri & Lana held an exclusive tea  event with members of the media and some of the most fashionable individuals in town. The event was held with Exclusive Swiss Watch maker Bedat & Co at Starhill Gallery. Their debut collection that draws inspiration from the iconic character of Holly Golightly in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's range from basic everyday way to glamourous looks to red carpet and special events.

The icnoic Hepburn Iconic Black Dress with Bedat & Co watch

Atilia performing Indah, looking gorgeously cute in Suri & Lana Ivory To and Diane skirt

The event was held at Starhill Tea saloon, where guests were served with with wide array  English Tea menu. I am glad to be apart of the event, and have contributed my knowledge and test my PR skills again and again.

the creative duo behind Suri & Lana - Datin Esmila Saruji & Nurul Zulkifli

I AM STARSTRUCK! Datin Norjuma Habib, She's gorgeous and nice! also in Suri & Lana Jacket
Newly wed Lisa Surihani came with her mother. Here looking grogeous with Atilia
Aishah Sinclair- isnt she just cute? with Juliani Jamal and friend
Style Icon, Maggie Abg Saufi with Datin Esmila. An icon for an obvious reason, adore her style!

Renown designer Jovian Mandagie, Nina Sabrina Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri and Sam Kassim
(photo by Sam Kassim)

This is the team behind Suri & Lana! many more not in the picture which includes Dato' Safri.

You guys can grab the pieces at Mimpikita boutique in Bangsar and Prive Boutique in Kuching. Its just one click away at Fashionvalet.net

photo by: Bibo Aswan & team

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