Monday, June 25, 2012


Zakwan intrepretation is more like very modern with a very least touch on the contemporary Kurung or Kebaya. His pieces is more or less can be worn during Raya and after raya.

I had the privilege to peek into these sketch before its been made, and i hade the impression of sleek, tight in, and having myself indulge in too much of Burmese traditional attire, i felt that he is going into that direction. 

All these young designers came up with the new "Raya fashion", quite fresh and exciting but the society i think still prefer their traditional Kurung or maybe at least a tight Kurung or they call it Modern Kurung.

My favorite look!
 But i think some of his slit for the skirts/bottoms are too high for Raya. I hope thats only for the runway, Because if you show that slit to our Grandmothers she will go "OoooOOOiiii" lol.


photo by: Bibo Aswan Team

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