Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Because only the winners get the hightlights on the Grand Finale night (duhhhhh!!! lol), Uniqlo have generously, through their amazing PR team lead by Choon organized a dinner for all of us.
well its a gathering of eating and eating and eating!

and yesss the vouchers!

so since I am in the Top 5 finalist, I won myself RM 500 worth of cash vouchers! yeay!!! nothing compare to New York trip, but it's okay. 
to complete our self obsessed enthusiasm, they also gave us our life size bunting! it is 6 ft tall!! taller than me!!


2 of them is missing :(


I am wearing Cheap Monday shirt and skinny. My hair is extremely BIG now. time to really chop it off!!

later. photo by:

Sunday, July 29, 2012


The 10th Installment of MiFW by Mifa date is realesed via it's Mifa facebook page!
20 - 24 November 2012 - see you guys!

photo by:It's Mifa

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Ramadan been keeping occupied, never been this happy before.
Anyway just kast week I attended MODA anniversary night, to those who dint know
MODA is Malaysia's Official Designer Association, one of the oldest association in fashion industry Malaysia that gather designers and help them boost their career.

with Kerun and Idan - thats my drama face -__-
Its their 22nd year this year! as young as me. 

MODA mebers come from some "very senior" designers to very young designers, so its fun to see these creative explode in the runway stage.
Amazingly 30 designers/labels showcase non stop. -__-
can you imagine? my partner in crime is continuously asking for a drink i definitely understand why.
some of my favorite and close designers showcased that night; 

Joe Chia
 Joe eccentric is this "no sex" designs, exactly why I love his work.

Joe Chia "Shying Away"

Rico Rinaldi

Rico and his muse or everyone muse! (Azura Awang) pic credit to Sam Kassim via Rico FB

Carven Ong

Carven Ong showcase RED again,  shot by awesome Bibo! 

and many moreee

Bibo Nareez and Deeee

Kittie, Joe and me!
The event however is not......; tons of people not seated, not a very nice set up and many more. I prefer their 2 years back celebration, But off course it went on, looking forward for more fun years to come.

I tweeted "Even some senior designers need to look up for fresh ideas" because some is still **&%$^^#$
and a friend and also amazing stylista himself said "how many evening gown do we need in Malaysia??

True that!! something to think about designers out there.

and  I am still wondering why they go "GaGa" on headpiece nowadays?

Most of the photos is by Bibo Aswan and Rico pic is by Sam Kassim

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Back when people are protesting of a model too young to be sexual appealing in pictures, well now I guess Lanvin just move to the right opposite side by picking 82 years Old Jacquie Murdock and few other; what Lanvin describe as Real people for Fall 2012 campaign.

Very Lanvin-ish

Lanvin is one of many favorite fashion house, known for it's exclusivity and amazing art work. 
Getting real people to participate in their campaign is probably another way for them to engage their customers and people out there.

anyway, Style is forever. no matter how old are you!

photo by: Lanvin

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Had this little struck when I saw Nina's collection during UiTM Graduate show for the fashion design students; which what she called "The New Women". 
When talking about students context, I guess we cant be really harsh on them as they still learning. and well for SOME senior designers they seems cant take critics.

The collection have a dot or two that is somewhat like Jasmi Rejab collection for Mifa last year, a bit la. Nina is inspired by Amelia Earhart and the whole idea of women liberation. Thus, the pieces are mostly structured and brave. We know Amelia as she was and how she became such an inspiration till today though her missing is still a mystery.

Theres actually 4 looks, and the one that is not here are the one that is my favorite! hahahaha 

watch the video!

I am really glad no bling bling, no bouquet of flowers and some more bling that need serious wake up call that noon walking the runway. Again the winners deserve to win.

photo given by Nina Aziz


Fizi Woo the name that are already emerging in the fashion design industry in Malaysia is apparently just graduated from his Bachelor in Art and Design (Hons.) (Fashion Design) from UiTM. Yes, yes, yes it's the same fiziwoo that did a show on Lebaran Fashion 
Vanguard - get the point? still studying but already making name!

I happen to be free to attend to his batch graduate show at Blackbox Publika Solaris Dutamas last week.So I am no longer "UiTM's students fashion show virgin".

Not surprisingly, Fiziwoo nailed the runway and brought along a Golden Awards for his "Desert Flower" collection. I came quite late that day, so I missed out few of the collections. 
But as far as what I saw, Fizi Woo deserved the award. His collection is very well presented, it have good concept, and its black :P so yea "Golden Award" is given to the best collection judge by industry shakers; Nini Marini Ramlan, Asiah Mion, Suzie Adnan and Professor Shena from UK.
so its just 4 pieces collection, here are some of the pics that I stole from Fizi Woo page :P :-

The Harem pants were splendid on the runway

The winning faces - Nina Silver (left), Fizi Golden (centre) and Amirul Bronze (right)

photo taken from Fizi Woo FB page.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Haven't had a chance to blog about these amazing creations by Mr. Jovian, well her PR currently stuck in emailing me the pictures of the show. Oh well dear I am still gonna share with you my thoughts about Aviraya and Jovian RTW Raya collection that was made exclusively for First Lady boutiques through out Malaysia 
(That as I am writing this, it's almost out of stock everywhere -__-, yea i can be that slow sometimes)

Lets start with the Ready To Wear collection. Whenever it says ready-to-wear and in this case for more affordable price, I will not expect much. But Jovian M. inspite of having it sold at a mass market, Jovian still pull up an effort and I am glad it's still 'Jovian'

well of course, It is by it's nature of RTW very seems to be wearable, limited embellishments, more easy. Reading from Jovian's Tweet it apparently out of the rack with in 10 minutes on 15 July when it first put on the rack at the Boutique. 
Here is 4 of my favorite pick from the RTW collection:-

My top look form the collection, really like this design and print.

You can view more pictures here, and if you still want to get your hand on these special Raya collection do constantly update yourself with Jovian Tweet or Facebook Page
Its great to see our designers expanding their businesses in such way, Rizalman for Tesco, and Radzuan Radziwill for Pop look - really positive growth in the industry, looking forward for more collaboration from time to time,


Sunday, July 15, 2012


I have longing to blog this kind of post, which I will talk about models.
I think it reads something like "Models are the walking work of art"
well they better be. Having attended quite a number of fashion runway, I have to say the impression of a look is almost 40% depending on how the models carry it and how they look.
and gurrrrrl it's not easy.

her face is unique and classic 

My first pick is Tuti

Shot with Legendary Tengku Azura
Tuti shot by IDAN

Tuti open Rico Rinaldi show 
She barely new in the industry I think only start to notice her presence about a year back, but I saw serious potential on this 21 years old - 174cm - curly hair girl.
maybe she have that ambience of my old time lover Thanuja Ananthan, you know with the tanned skin, big hair etc etc

I believe so, this young lady gonna have a long stay in the industry, but being new is an advantage - "fresh" and "in" but one must seek for "timeless" essence to stay in the business long enough.

p/s cant wait for more reviews!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Be a Model in Malaysia and the world : XTOP MODEL SEARCH OPEN CASTING!

Ever wanted to be a model? XTop Model Search is just a great platform for you! chance for you the walk the international runway too.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Herschel Supply Co. : Fashionable backpack

The subjectivity of fashion and style is very exciting. 
Herschel Supply Co, have this wide range of bags, backpacks and accessories designs with amazing color combo, which is totally my taste bud 
 I first come across the brand during one of fabulous day wandering around Bangsar. I saw these beautiful colors!!! 
These are some of their X Beams collection:

besides the designsa nd colors, when i first hold it in my bare hand I can feel the quality that these product have even though at avery affordable price. 
The designs is somewhat I can imagine worn by Skater boys to models packing after the show in New York. I can imagine myself carrying it too!!

These are their latest Fall 2012 collection!
see whats available in Red Square Clothing here.

For more info on Hershel Supply Co. you know how to use google right? lol naaahh here is the link to their official website and their Malaysia Facebook Fan Page and for you who living in the UK you can get these from Red Square Clothing

"enjoy your stay"

Holiday is starting soon, so be ready for my continuous updates on the blog boys and girls!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


personal favorite!
The first word came across my mind was : SPLASH! oh Christopher Kane collection is another Art. 
I love the looks.
I can imagine wearing all of these, to work, on weekend, to class, at home, on bed EVERYWHEREEEE


Monday, July 9, 2012


Yesss I am in the Top 10 Male finalist for Uniqlooks Malaysia! The Grand Finale was fabulously held at KLPAC sentul. SO the first challenge we are given a plain white t-shirt to be styled accroding to our own unique style and look.

so I slip in my Cheap monday Skinny, Zara boots, and My Never Follow Suit lime green Cardigan.

but here are some of my favorite looks from the competitors. shoot they all so fabulous!

He is indeed Fabulous! Iskandar
Adrien with his "international school boy" look!
Deana looking so cute!
Fya- The winner for girls category

celine inspired!love it

I was in the Top 5, where we again need to style ourselves but the main piece is the one I pick during the fitting session which is the green V neck top.

they dint upload the pic with me wearing the jacket
He so happy one!

Top 5 of each category. one winner

 So yes, obviously those who are holding the gigantic ticket are those who actually won!
anyways I am just glad to be in the Top 5- at least it worth the nerve and time, and my sleepless night thinking what to wear!
I have to say, these people are amazing people. I am just one tiny dot.

Congratulations all!

photo by:Uniqlo Malaysia


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