Thursday, July 12, 2012

Herschel Supply Co. : Fashionable backpack

The subjectivity of fashion and style is very exciting. 
Herschel Supply Co, have this wide range of bags, backpacks and accessories designs with amazing color combo, which is totally my taste bud 
 I first come across the brand during one of fabulous day wandering around Bangsar. I saw these beautiful colors!!! 
These are some of their X Beams collection:

besides the designsa nd colors, when i first hold it in my bare hand I can feel the quality that these product have even though at avery affordable price. 
The designs is somewhat I can imagine worn by Skater boys to models packing after the show in New York. I can imagine myself carrying it too!!

These are their latest Fall 2012 collection!
see whats available in Red Square Clothing here.

For more info on Hershel Supply Co. you know how to use google right? lol naaahh here is the link to their official website and their Malaysia Facebook Fan Page and for you who living in the UK you can get these from Red Square Clothing

"enjoy your stay"

Holiday is starting soon, so be ready for my continuous updates on the blog boys and girls!

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