Thursday, July 26, 2012


Ramadan been keeping occupied, never been this happy before.
Anyway just kast week I attended MODA anniversary night, to those who dint know
MODA is Malaysia's Official Designer Association, one of the oldest association in fashion industry Malaysia that gather designers and help them boost their career.

with Kerun and Idan - thats my drama face -__-
Its their 22nd year this year! as young as me. 

MODA mebers come from some "very senior" designers to very young designers, so its fun to see these creative explode in the runway stage.
Amazingly 30 designers/labels showcase non stop. -__-
can you imagine? my partner in crime is continuously asking for a drink i definitely understand why.
some of my favorite and close designers showcased that night; 

Joe Chia
 Joe eccentric is this "no sex" designs, exactly why I love his work.

Joe Chia "Shying Away"

Rico Rinaldi

Rico and his muse or everyone muse! (Azura Awang) pic credit to Sam Kassim via Rico FB

Carven Ong

Carven Ong showcase RED again,  shot by awesome Bibo! 

and many moreee

Bibo Nareez and Deeee

Kittie, Joe and me!
The event however is not......; tons of people not seated, not a very nice set up and many more. I prefer their 2 years back celebration, But off course it went on, looking forward for more fun years to come.

I tweeted "Even some senior designers need to look up for fresh ideas" because some is still **&%$^^#$
and a friend and also amazing stylista himself said "how many evening gown do we need in Malaysia??

True that!! something to think about designers out there.

and  I am still wondering why they go "GaGa" on headpiece nowadays?

Most of the photos is by Bibo Aswan and Rico pic is by Sam Kassim

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