Sunday, July 15, 2012


I have longing to blog this kind of post, which I will talk about models.
I think it reads something like "Models are the walking work of art"
well they better be. Having attended quite a number of fashion runway, I have to say the impression of a look is almost 40% depending on how the models carry it and how they look.
and gurrrrrl it's not easy.

her face is unique and classic 

My first pick is Tuti

Shot with Legendary Tengku Azura
Tuti shot by IDAN

Tuti open Rico Rinaldi show 
She barely new in the industry I think only start to notice her presence about a year back, but I saw serious potential on this 21 years old - 174cm - curly hair girl.
maybe she have that ambience of my old time lover Thanuja Ananthan, you know with the tanned skin, big hair etc etc

I believe so, this young lady gonna have a long stay in the industry, but being new is an advantage - "fresh" and "in" but one must seek for "timeless" essence to stay in the business long enough.

p/s cant wait for more reviews!


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