Thursday, July 19, 2012


Had this little struck when I saw Nina's collection during UiTM Graduate show for the fashion design students; which what she called "The New Women". 
When talking about students context, I guess we cant be really harsh on them as they still learning. and well for SOME senior designers they seems cant take critics.

The collection have a dot or two that is somewhat like Jasmi Rejab collection for Mifa last year, a bit la. Nina is inspired by Amelia Earhart and the whole idea of women liberation. Thus, the pieces are mostly structured and brave. We know Amelia as she was and how she became such an inspiration till today though her missing is still a mystery.

Theres actually 4 looks, and the one that is not here are the one that is my favorite! hahahaha 

watch the video!

I am really glad no bling bling, no bouquet of flowers and some more bling that need serious wake up call that noon walking the runway. Again the winners deserve to win.

photo given by Nina Aziz

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