Sunday, July 8, 2012


Tutti opening the show!

The next day of Lebaran Fashion Vanguard, Rico Rinaldi  of what he describe as “no longer an emerging designer” did his show for his Summeraya collection. Arrived at the beautiful spave of Lim Kok Wing Wings café in Bukit Bintang not so fabulously early, but I am not the only one.

Friday night traffic is a typical “pick up line”for most of social event on Friday in Kuala lumpur I think. Almost 9pm the show start kicking in By Tutti with Rico’s wedding collection run-through- which I already reviewed early this year.

Rico’s raya collection is resemblences of some Indian culture, with vibrant detailing. Some of the pieces are very subtle and practical, well some is maybe you can save it for your own open house you are hosting. 
I think the conceptual design that Rico's have resembles his sense of style. Which is good, because some designers can go crazy crazy but no concept.

Yes,  i know Raya is Raya and Kurung is needed. go ahead wear your Kurung and Kebaya, but why not try these pieces that are different but still acceptable, instead being reluctant and wore your tank top to the ope house kan?

contact Rico -  FB link

photo by: Rico Rinaldi

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