Monday, July 9, 2012


Yesss I am in the Top 10 Male finalist for Uniqlooks Malaysia! The Grand Finale was fabulously held at KLPAC sentul. SO the first challenge we are given a plain white t-shirt to be styled accroding to our own unique style and look.

so I slip in my Cheap monday Skinny, Zara boots, and My Never Follow Suit lime green Cardigan.

but here are some of my favorite looks from the competitors. shoot they all so fabulous!

He is indeed Fabulous! Iskandar
Adrien with his "international school boy" look!
Deana looking so cute!
Fya- The winner for girls category

celine inspired!love it

I was in the Top 5, where we again need to style ourselves but the main piece is the one I pick during the fitting session which is the green V neck top.

they dint upload the pic with me wearing the jacket
He so happy one!

Top 5 of each category. one winner

 So yes, obviously those who are holding the gigantic ticket are those who actually won!
anyways I am just glad to be in the Top 5- at least it worth the nerve and time, and my sleepless night thinking what to wear!
I have to say, these people are amazing people. I am just one tiny dot.

Congratulations all!

photo by:Uniqlo Malaysia

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