Wednesday, August 29, 2012


So You Think You Can Style is a joint project between Parkson Retail store and Tongue In Chic Fashion portal that gathers Malaysians to express their inner styling talent.
is styling a talent? i think it's more os a gift.
So me and sistah Zakwan enter this competition with Farah as our model, she's gorgeous!
Zakwan style is a a bit of satriol women of moden age, while mine is..... lol i dont know but we made a great team!
This is the look taht we came up with:

"Fabulous Friday" would best describe the look that Zakwan and Ashman came up with. Farah is top-of-the-game woman with full of energy and confidence, the style that we assemble together gave her just the right pieces she needed too.

We both agree with the High-waisted Palarzo pants, the stripes, the length is chic and structured. Embracing her legs. Making the pants as the statement piece, we choose loose-fit sleeveless white shirt to go along. The loose fit just gave her that extra slim waist effect.Friday is fun day, so we decided to add the Gold accessories- waist belt and necklace just to add up more spice to the look. With this look she can attend any fabulous party in town or just a romantic dinner date for two.

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photo shot by : Pawwen Phua of FashionTalkRap

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