Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Walk The Berry and 2 other amazing bloggers Nicholas Ng and Hafiz, was featured on the Style section of The Sun newspaper yesterday!
the interview was done few months back, and I am very happy that Jun pick the right story to higlight on myself. she highlighted more of my PR work :)
Just in the photo i look extremely horible!!!!
it was a really busy day that day, i was running from one interview to another. Shah Alam - Bangsar - Bukit Bintang - Shah Alam. 

What is this blog all about I ask myself.............
the vision........

"it's something i did supplementary to share my passion and experiences with fashion...when it's supplementary, its not gonna be forever"

I love blogging, no doubt about it. But know this is not forever, because I want more than this.


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