Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Because only the winners get the hightlights on the Grand Finale night (duhhhhh!!! lol), Uniqlo have generously, through their amazing PR team lead by Choon organized a dinner for all of us.
well its a gathering of eating and eating and eating!

and yesss the vouchers!

so since I am in the Top 5 finalist, I won myself RM 500 worth of cash vouchers! yeay!!! nothing compare to New York trip, but it's okay. 
to complete our self obsessed enthusiasm, they also gave us our life size bunting! it is 6 ft tall!! taller than me!!


2 of them is missing :(


I am wearing Cheap Monday shirt and skinny. My hair is extremely BIG now. time to really chop it off!!

later. photo by:

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