Friday, September 21, 2012


I am very honored and sexcited to be invited to the Opening of the store on Thursday, 7.30 pm. Put an extra effort to dress up for that night, and tadaaaaaaaa. bush the crowd is massive. Although the event is by invite only, the 3 floor spacious store in Lot 10, Bukit Bintang was packed with fashion!!

Anyways the crowd is fashion! Celebrities, fashionistas, and awesome figures are at every corner. It is as expected - the hottest party in town+ crazy shopping. so you can imagine right? most people shop when they are almost drunk or tipsy. while me being a committed shopper just get my hand straight to the stuff I want and then manage to snap few fashionistas pictures (next post up!).

its definitely "your new favorite store" the only reason I wont buy it is because everyone else is buying it. Ahaaaaaaa, but I still splurge yesterday!

worth every penny, guard your lines boys and girls!

photo shot by: Ashman Mahfudz

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