Friday, December 28, 2012


I have been thinking of writing about this few months back,  our very own fashion week - Malaysia International Fashion Week (MIFW) 2012.

I have been hearing a lot about the drama behind it's cancelations and all the stories never fail to disappoint me. Don't make me start on our slow growing and some lack of originality in our fashion industry is like on top of it cancelled Fashion week. Putting into account the maturity of the industry itself, it seems unfair for us to be harsh in judging, but aren't things should be better each time?

I worked and met with a lot of young enthusiastic people that actually have brilliant ideas on how the industry can be uplifted. People will ask "hows Malaysia fashion industry is like?" and they will definitely reflect on our fashion beacon of hope magazines, designers, labels, the streets style and fashion week organized.

This post is merely to express my disappointment to end 2012. I am nobody in the industry, or even if I am considered as one, maybe just one tiny dot.

despite of this cancellations, I am really looking forward to MiFW 2013, 10th anniversary.



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