Wednesday, December 5, 2012


It is very fashionably-socially ill weeks for me and my blog, as you all can see i have updated less and less nowadays. It just prove life as final year student aint no easy. 
Anyway i missed out bunch of important event that is happening last week. and among them is Mimpikita new collection show and KitaKids launching. It is very heartbreaking for not being there showing my greatest support to these coolest ladies in town. oh well what to do......

 Base on the pictures they sent me, I cant comment much. But it's definitely a transition from what they was  before. It is more edgy. I can see tell the piece is a great piece, but the styling for the show is quite off. I just not in favour of it. or it's just my busy imbalance fashion hormone no longer working after being kept away for so long.


Just love what Tuti is wearing, she so awesomely skinny!

The sisters and their top 5 collections

The collection is surely available in their store and also soon in fashionvalet and zalora, go grab some!
photo by Mimpikita

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