Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Never follow Suit Cardigan,
Topman Shirt
H&M Pants and Shoes
Uniqlo socks
Zara bag
Just a random post.... mum is mumbling about my shopping habits again... I am like I am 22 and making my own money and I dont have freedom to shop -_-
Come to your notice, I am not the one with luxury brands clinging on, its all retail brands. so whats the fuss... I wonder what she will say when I fling my future Givenchy bag in front of her. LOL

Anyway have a nice day, everyday everyone!



As I have updated about their launching of the event, months ago. here I wold just like to share few of my favorite pick for this collection. Having closely following Mimpikita collection after collection for the past years, I think this is collection has revealed more skin than ever, LOL but not to appealing, its sexiness and the mildest stage.  The designs of Mimpikita is always in line with the founders style, which is amazing off course.
ALthough i do think some of the looks are styled quite out of the way, but it is an interesting colorful, bright collection.

photo by: Bibo Aswan


in Malaysia Bridal & Couture is closely put together by designers here. Oh, I am fine with that at least there is a neck rest while the bridal do the parade. I mean, Bridal is nothing much worth a show especially in fashion weeks and stuff. It is something you just display on your showroom, and private discussion will take on between you and the brides. Unless its the bridal show for future brides.

Anyway, Hazree Wahid also showcase hsi collection on the same night as Carven Ong. here are two piece from the show,
This is my only favorable design and dress

This red dress is complete "catastrophic = Katrina x Acheh" worn by Miss Malaysia Indian International I think. She struggle to walk, the dress din't fit her well. Oh well...

Thre boys of FiziWoo and me.

I think "couture" is a heavy connotation in Fashion. If you used the word couture for your collection it must have some lift to it... the word cheap does not get along with the word cheap.

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Carven Ong invited me to his show during the Gala Night of  Love Moment. I heard it is another Syeba  Project of 3 days fashion event at Zebra Square, Kuala Lumpur. Anyway I dint know it was wedding show, oh well wedding + couture-ish show.

oh well Zebra Square is in very bad condition, the decorations and finishing of the hall is still very tacky. However, putting on the fashion highlight. nOt much surprise from Carven Ong pieces, it is somethhing that he have done previously with little changes. I prefer his previous collection, especially it's couture pieces. It is very Duchess puff puff dresess with bright colors - which i don't quite follow. what do you think?


The lighting is too bright, lucky I brought my shades. With white dresses through out and spotlight directly to my face, I cant take it.

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

Friday, January 18, 2013


It was one of those random days, where you randomly texted someone, and do meeting.
 Ridduan of TTFGA was among the victim of my boredom, where i texted him  for a meeting regarding his Untitled Magazine project - oh thats not the name, its still under the chief (Ridduan himself) consideration to come up with the name. So anyway, I received his invitation to contribute to the magazine as one of the contributor, and I agreed. Oh well I did, I just can't let myself lay around lazying the holidays and weekends - gosh this nature of me is tiring.

Anyways the meeting turn up to be me being his "assistance", for his street shots- where he describe me for being lazy. How DARE!
 The meeting went well, I am so excited to be part of it and can't wait for the final product, baby step to one of many dreams of being Fashion Writer. Will keep you guys posted.

Fashion is interesting

Ridduan, Me and Kittie YiYi
Co-incidently we also bump to Kittie Yiyi, also a finalist during the Uniqlooks competition. she work her H&M x MMM Candy bag well. love it!

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

Thursday, January 17, 2013


 Came up something from my sad "to-go-to-class" closet =___=
always, never go wrong with white shirt!
Thanks to the shoe my feet now is blistering, I literally cried all the way to Uniqlo Farenheit88 where I buy myself a sox. I know!


photo hot by: Tymah, thanks girl :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


This is my first time experiencing, such an intimate and quite private event, where media personnel is about 10 people, while other is Rizalaman's clients and close friends. more or less I think it is only about 40-50 fabulous people :P

so here are some of the people, that i got a chance to take their pictures. As they are mostly VIP, I dont have much guts to ask for themselves to be captured by humble self and my iPhone. Anyway, here are the cool bunch!

The three months pregnant -Vivy Yusof of Proudduck and FashionValet. Caught in heels :P

Datuk Seri Sharizat Jalil and other VIP
 The loyal customers turn up in their very owned Rizalman's piece, which is very supportive. I would, if i could afford too :) One day, one fine day.

Datin Esmila, Marion Counter & Siska

Dayang Nurfaizah


yes people this is Kak Zai, One of Malaysia noted figure in fashion. One of your very best  companion to any fashion show. Lots of laughter through out. such a fun lady!

Izrin Iz of Innai and Datin Esmila of Suri & Lana

The very own Tuan Haji Rizalman, with Izara Aishah
Izara Aishah & Suzie Adnan Editor of Glam

The "it" fashion editors/writers/stylist/diva extraordinaire in Malaysia 

Yes, that the waitress tray, and it has Rizalman Ad campaign silhouette specially made for this event, and also Rizalman's Aprons as well.
Although last 2 years showcase was really impressive, i think it is not comparable to this event. As it is of a different scale and given that this event is purposely done in very private and small scale. I do enjoy it, it start on time - thats whats important!

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz


Here is the final run-through video of the show:-

Video by: Ashman Mahfudz

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


The first event of the year 2013, and I am feeling lucky! Malaysian known fashion couturier Rizalman Ibrahim extend his invitation to me to his quite private and exclusive showcase for his Haute Couture 2013 collection. I know, i shouldn't miss this event despite of my final exam is just a Thursday away, and not to mention other work. I received the invite one day before the event and I am in Shah Alam, where my closet is mostly "to-the-class" stuffs. oh well

Anyway, the show took place at Rizalman's very owned showroom at off Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur on the 15 January 2013, 3pm.

 The collection is exquisite, you can feel the Rizalamaness vibes on the pieces. Peplum and neck  embellishments are among concept that I can see trying to be highlighted for this collection. As much as it is a Haute Couture pieces, it is still very much wearable, for at least I would wear it!
The collection used bold dark colors including black with splash of emerald-jade green & gold embellishments.

arghh, obviously my skills using iPhone camera have not fully developed. Am i responsible for not portraying the real beauty of these pieces? I think so...

My Favorite piece! the picture is a little blur but trust me on this, its exquisite!

Kak Zai's favorite piece, in which she describe as "Baju Penguin" =__=

Another mouth watering couture...lol

Tweed Modern Kurung.
so what do you think?

photo taken by: Ashman Mahfudz


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