Tuesday, January 29, 2013


in Malaysia Bridal & Couture is closely put together by designers here. Oh, I am fine with that at least there is a neck rest while the bridal do the parade. I mean, Bridal is nothing much worth a show especially in fashion weeks and stuff. It is something you just display on your showroom, and private discussion will take on between you and the brides. Unless its the bridal show for future brides.

Anyway, Hazree Wahid also showcase hsi collection on the same night as Carven Ong. here are two piece from the show,
This is my only favorable design and dress

This red dress is complete "catastrophic = Katrina x Acheh" worn by Miss Malaysia Indian International I think. She struggle to walk, the dress din't fit her well. Oh well...

Thre boys of FiziWoo and me.

I think "couture" is a heavy connotation in Fashion. If you used the word couture for your collection it must have some lift to it... the word cheap does not get along with the word cheap.

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

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