Friday, February 1, 2013


The rumors of Vogue Thailand have been in the blogosphere since Last year, and they have officially launch early this year. come to my surprise that conde nast decide to set foot in Thailand instead of other South East Asia countries. But it must be contributed by a lot of other factors as well. I do somewhat expect the magazine to be at "Vogue standard" be it published in the remotest island in the world. But when the photo of the first Vogue Thailand was out i was like "WHAT??"
featuring Si Tanwiboon
Anna said "Its Vogue, Lift it!" is echoing in my head when i first saw the cover. To me it looks like another beauty magazine. I just quite not like it, with all the hyoe surrounding the magazine including it is the first vogue in South East Asia and the first Male Editor-in-chief, it simply prove a disappointment to me. It's not just what I imagine the direction of the magazine would be. Especially the photography somewhat is tacky. Si Tanwiboon is a pretty girl tho.

Well, you can agree or disagree I don't give a damn! LOL

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