Monday, April 29, 2013


From Tesco to Zalora!

shop now at Zalora
my review on this collection is coming soon..


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I have to rasmi the photo wall to check if it really working lol!
Muslim Collar shirt : H&M conscious collection
Black corduroy pants: H&M super skinny

Fizi Woo, Ainul Aishah & Eika Azam

Nik Erwan, Jacky Hussein, Zakwan Anuar

Afiq Mohamed & Siti Saleha

Kittie YiYi wearing studded  Stacy Peplum & Cherimun - fashion bitches!

Queenie Chamber in Kree Tunic dress

Peej Burhan in Kree dress - love the color on her!!

Lynda & Harizan

Congratulation Kree!

photo by: Kree

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Many have known my association and involvement with Kree. The fashion label & online shopping portal. Just to make it clear, that my involvement is more in the Public Relations, marketing and some of consultation. The designs is completely by Afiq Mohamed, I dint advise much, but he seems know how to read my facial expression. LOL

Here are some of the pieces which was showcased at the launch event at Renoma Cafe Gallery. Berry picks:-
I think admire the hair so much that I actually like the whole look. She carry it very well!

Many adore the skirt, me being me like the white blouse more. 

I think DeeDee Nash rock the look, indeed the best look.
the white lazy dress, i love it. its sexy- without the pants off course

I think what kree offers is a bit uplift fashion that most online shoppers, dint understand. 
I believe it is something really good to local fashion scene to have such online shopping portal, and we hope that people do appreciate what they have and try to do.
I might be bias, but I think I am being really reasonable. we make our own clothes (tremendous pain), and we sell it. we are not resellers.

photo by: Kree


Everyone is embracing their K-pop love nowadays. I am one of many guilty as charged. well they are such a doll and that applies to both of male and female. But given its a plastic surgery artwork, i dint respect it that much LOL.

Here are some of ths pics of Choi Si Won when he was here in KL for LINE launch :-

later. photo by:

Monday, April 15, 2013


Top: Kazami Homme
Pants: H&M Leather pants
Bags & Boots: Zara
pic: shot by Kittie Yiyi

KLASH was an effort by some student to gather fashion key players in one night. Was honored to be considered one. Young designers Alia Bastamam, Zakwan Anuar, Joe Chia, Whe our eyes met and etc showcase their collection at KLASH.
I like the concept, being an event management person myself off course I am very skeptical and analytical about the overall event arrangements... event they are just students... because I am a student too when I pull up Walk For Lights, Youth Media Carnival, Lebaran Fashion Vanguard and many more.. the event was ultimate chaos with the arrangement of runway was so out of Q... but that was quite entertaining flaws...entertainment I consider. 
Anyway it was a good effort and I do enjoy my evening at KLASH!  


photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nissan Fashionably KL - Who & What?

Jacket: Never Follow Suit
Long Cardi: Pearly Wong at Seethrough Bangsar
Pants & Shirt : H&M
Bag & shoes: Zara

one must learn how to dress on the go from me! LOL i was from for and jump in the CAB straight to Publika for Nissan Fashionably KL showcase. ahaaa, and end up most of my colleague had their  Friday drinks there too, and i bumped to my supervisor.... Quite a shocker & awkward moment to reveal such skin of myself to that very corporate side face to face.. anyway I wasn't suppose to wear that shoes, but whatever. My usuals partners:-

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

Friday, April 12, 2013


The industry is more flourish than before with involvement of corporate companies to the industry. I am very delighted to be invited to Nissan Fashionably KL featuring showcase by Syomir Izwa. Here are some of my favorite piece;

My favorite piece.

  To most people, it is certainly something very familiar.. But I quite enjoyed it. The night is certainly shows combination support from many behalf. and it was a great show with great people gathering. I must personally congratulate the designers who join in that night Syomir Izwa, Zleqha and Allien Gan for the showcase and Nissan, MAP KL and Andrews Models for organizing such night.

photo by: Syomir Izwa

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


life just surprise you in many ways..or thats just how I see it. One day, you could just been introduced to someone in that casual social event, and the next thing you know, you are seating for meeting discussing something BIG coming up. I would like to introduce you all to the "BABY" that I pretty much incubate together with some of the most amazing people. Ladies this is it KREE - FASHION ESCAPADE

The team is my talented designer friend Afiq Mohamed, who pretty much in control the creative outlook of Kree pieces as Creative Director. The ideas came from these two amazing ladies, Reni & Halida. Then, there is Me as PR cum Marketing manager together with Qayyum & Seri Dewi. Not to forget Miesya Abdul. It is a very young team. excluding our bosses LOL

The ad Campaign featuring DeeDee Nash & Anita. photographed by Bibo Aswan

Anyway the brand was successfully launched at Renoma Cafe Gallery we manage to pull out very good crowd, and awesome show too. What people need to understand Kree is an online shopping label & portal! it is a virtual boutique - because we work our from designing, choosing fabrics, producing it, and distribute it through our portal , so it is not just typical online blogshop label.

Ahaaa, it's very interesting to have such freedom to share ideas with fellow Kree team... one day my label will be Ashman Mahfudz.
check kree out!!
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