Monday, April 15, 2013


Top: Kazami Homme
Pants: H&M Leather pants
Bags & Boots: Zara
pic: shot by Kittie Yiyi

KLASH was an effort by some student to gather fashion key players in one night. Was honored to be considered one. Young designers Alia Bastamam, Zakwan Anuar, Joe Chia, Whe our eyes met and etc showcase their collection at KLASH.
I like the concept, being an event management person myself off course I am very skeptical and analytical about the overall event arrangements... event they are just students... because I am a student too when I pull up Walk For Lights, Youth Media Carnival, Lebaran Fashion Vanguard and many more.. the event was ultimate chaos with the arrangement of runway was so out of Q... but that was quite entertaining flaws...entertainment I consider. 
Anyway it was a good effort and I do enjoy my evening at KLASH!  


photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

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