Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Many have known my association and involvement with Kree. The fashion label & online shopping portal. Just to make it clear, that my involvement is more in the Public Relations, marketing and some of consultation. The designs is completely by Afiq Mohamed, I dint advise much, but he seems know how to read my facial expression. LOL

Here are some of the pieces which was showcased at the launch event at Renoma Cafe Gallery. Berry picks:-
I think admire the hair so much that I actually like the whole look. She carry it very well!

Many adore the skirt, me being me like the white blouse more. 

I think DeeDee Nash rock the look, indeed the best look.
the white lazy dress, i love it. its sexy- without the pants off course

I think what kree offers is a bit uplift fashion that most online shoppers, dint understand. 
I believe it is something really good to local fashion scene to have such online shopping portal, and we hope that people do appreciate what they have and try to do.
I might be bias, but I think I am being really reasonable. we make our own clothes (tremendous pain), and we sell it. we are not resellers.

photo by: Kree

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