Wednesday, April 10, 2013


life just surprise you in many ways..or thats just how I see it. One day, you could just been introduced to someone in that casual social event, and the next thing you know, you are seating for meeting discussing something BIG coming up. I would like to introduce you all to the "BABY" that I pretty much incubate together with some of the most amazing people. Ladies this is it KREE - FASHION ESCAPADE

The team is my talented designer friend Afiq Mohamed, who pretty much in control the creative outlook of Kree pieces as Creative Director. The ideas came from these two amazing ladies, Reni & Halida. Then, there is Me as PR cum Marketing manager together with Qayyum & Seri Dewi. Not to forget Miesya Abdul. It is a very young team. excluding our bosses LOL

The ad Campaign featuring DeeDee Nash & Anita. photographed by Bibo Aswan

Anyway the brand was successfully launched at Renoma Cafe Gallery we manage to pull out very good crowd, and awesome show too. What people need to understand Kree is an online shopping label & portal! it is a virtual boutique - because we work our from designing, choosing fabrics, producing it, and distribute it through our portal , so it is not just typical online blogshop label.

Ahaaa, it's very interesting to have such freedom to share ideas with fellow Kree team... one day my label will be Ashman Mahfudz.
check kree out!!
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