Saturday, July 20, 2013


The Haze during fashion week ruined my mood to dress up,  everything just taste smoke.
Why Do you dress up? To impress someone you hate?
LOL maybe, cautious or incautiously we sometimes did....

When I dress up its most of the time, 90% is for my own self satisfaction another 10% is just paint the town red, so our malls don't look so filled with Jinjang.

Anyway I was shot by TTFGA for his amazing Style Selecta Tumblr
I am Glad my hair look fine!

Check out Style Selecta
Till then, pray for my kerajinan to call myself a blogger again.

photo by: TTFGA

Thursday, July 18, 2013


I welcome the new concept and new ownership of the fashion week very well, but never expect a PR roll her eyes on me. But whatever, nothing worth mentioning here. The mood is no longer the same..

I am just very delighted by the idea that event is ON this year, Young, old, the good, the bad, the feeling-feeling...the diversity shown during the showcase. The amount respect a designer could have towards the runway.. How committed they are to show their work of art... Apparently some just join the show for the sake of showing off and some sort of "branding strategy"- my advise be it in any business you are in- don't dwell in the idea of PR/Marketing/advertising/branding before you look through your products.

If Fashion in Malaysia is all about Fabulousity - we ain't worth a shit.

Anyway 4 of my favorite picks from the recent fashion week are:-
 Khoon Hooi

Jonnathan Liang

Joe Chia

Innai Red

But I dint go to all of the presentation, so I might miss some of the best.



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