Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Favorite Asian FACE!

off course my favorite will be my own FACE! LOL
I have not been writing much, but I always have my eyes on fashion. like always.
Sung Jin Park who I would describe the asian Ash Stymest! its the atitude that stand strong behind this boy.

Oh and this girl Fei Fei, she quite a face - the bone structure and the skiny grace look. Its time for some asian power house!


Thursday, August 14, 2014



Shoes are what we normally take into account especially when we need it to match out outfit. I will personally think about the shoes first before other essembels. Girlish Girls wear heels to look taller and guys wear sandals to have that casual lazy look. 
However, do you ever feel as if you want a more tough edge in your shoe rack? Are you looking for a normal looking shoe but still has that extra sleek style? Dr. Martens is a perfect choice of  edgy trendy style for us!
Dr. Martens is a British footwear and clothing brand which was founded by the Griggs family of Northampton in the English Midlands that had aimed to bring a different concept towards consumers. They had mainly produced shoe designs suited for the young generations who wanted to rebel against the normal clans. Started out as a reliable working men’s footwear, Dr. Martens has now created its products for the women market. As you can see, Dr. Martens footwear has the similar stitch designs and freshly cut leather material which displays that strong fashionable look. The shoes are stitch strongly with 8 heavy cord thread by using a machine called ‘Puritan’ which creates a line of three stitches over a part and into the side vamp.