Tuesday, February 18, 2014

AirAsia Cabin Crew recruitment 2014

I never really mentioned in my blog that I am working with AirAsia, but very much when your work became part of your life...you are somewhat branded to the brand! HAHAHAH well that's how I like to put it... or may be I've been too busy to even bother to blog. But trust me I miss this space, the thoughts continuously flowing whenever I am alone, that i wish someone is next to me at that very moment typing my thoughts out!

Anyway, tomorrow (22 Feb 2014) is a recruitment of our AirAsia Cabin Crew and I would like to call everyone to join us during the recruitment... come on try your luck, a complete 360 degree to change your career path, or better to start with The World Best Low Cost Airline :D

Just two weeks ago we organize an exclusive #AABC Flight Attendant Course to expose the career to larger and younger audience, as we continuously expanding we need HUGE AirAsia flying force to accommodate it! and yes we undergo almost 50% of what the real flight attendant have to undergo.

Do you know that Aircraft door don't have a key? you just got to know the right way to pen it!

Thats a wrap! I am lucky to have this job, most of it because i got to work with these amazing people :D
Read more of the participating bloggers experience during that day, just click on below:-


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