Wednesday, April 29, 2015


The energy of  young designer like Fiziwoo can be felt all year long, the label recently launched WOO by Fiziwoo in collaboration with Zalora. Themed - Raya In the City, pieces such as this is indeed not for your kampung celebrations!

I was hoping it is not going to be another peplum year, but off course it can be. Oh Oh, the collection is for pre-order only so might not be able to get your hand on it already.

He announce that their Raya Haute Couture will be end of May, so maybe you can opt for that if you missed this one.


Saturday, April 25, 2015


Nepal is one of the most beautiful country I've visited. Every corner of that little city of Kathmandhu excites me... and because I've visited the country, I know how much a 7.9 magnitude  earthquake can do to the city and the country.

Photo of Dubar Square in Kathmandhu credit: CNN

Death toll now is reaching 2,000 and hundreds are still believe to be missing, Century old monuments, temples, and buildings are affected.

Prabal Gurung is among the first who stood up to raise funds to help Nepal, his hometown. Visit to see how you can donate and help!

Hundreds of people have been killed by a massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25, 2015. There is widespread devastation across Nepal. The death toll, now approaching 2,000, continues to rise as search and rescue efforts are underway in Kathmandu and across the country. People are still trapped under collapsed buildings in Kathmandu, and there is no way to accurately guess how many are in need throughout the other cities and thousands of villages at this time.

The immediate need on the ground is for medical support, search and rescue, emergency shelters and food and water among many other things. As the days, weeks and months go by and after the humanitarian needs are addressed, Nepal will need to begin the healing and rebuilding process. The magnitude of the damage is still being assessed, but hundreds of buildings have collapsed including many homes and many of Nepal’s ancient and iconic temples and monuments.

Your donations will go through my organization, Shikshya Foundation Nepal (, and we will distribute 100% of the funds accordingly based on the latest needs on the ground. Please donate generously and spread the word. We will continue to provide updates and information regarding the allocation of funds. Thank you all for your support.


Pretentious, the new hipster?

What have got into my head, after 9 months hiatus and here I am blogging with such title. Funny, how the terms was first coined when I had a chat with a friend about how pretentious people can be on social media. Coincidently, the next day writer from Glam Lelaki share a sneak peak of their upcoming issue which touch on the same issue, and use the exact word - Pretentious.

So are we really going to talk about this new trend of pretending? are we heading that way?

Well funny, how some people I know which starts from nothing in the industry, have now with a bit of popularity have given up on originality. It sad.

I coined the quotes from The Iron Lady recently on @ashmanmahfudz instagram post:-

“It used to be about trying to do something. Now it's about trying to be someone.”

My current job often associated to this term or some people call it 'plastic', the fashion industry is full with these kind of people as well and the number today is overwhelming.

Random thoughts, I dont know why I felt that I need to pen this down. Does penning this down make me less pretentious? May be we all starts somewhere, and found yourself in between.
I think when you found it, keep it.

Photo is a must huh? LOL my #OOTD in Songkhla, Thailand recently.

Uniqlo Crew neck white t-shirt, H&M Devided Sweatpants, Puma Running shoes, CKJ bag.


Friday, April 17, 2015


My fashion knowledge is very limited nowadays, and honestly I never heard of this brand Finery London... and very obviously I have tons of unread emails from all the PR - sorry, guilty as charged.

finery London is the first womenswear brand created by Global Fashion Group, the newly formed e-commerce fashion group that covers 23 countries with a 330 billion euro fashion market - Oh this sounds like the future! The brand is now  available exclusively on ZALORA in Malaysia!

Led by Caren Downie, Emma Farrow and Rachel Morgans, three influential and respected names on the British high-street, Finery London makes its debut in Asia with a 47-piece collection. Launching for Spring Summer 2015, the collection exemplifies the brand’s aesthetic: elegant and feminine, with just the right amount of fun.

The collection caught my eyes, the brand is filled with modernism and freedom of dressing, loose cut, structured - If I can wear it, it will be a perfect Sunday #OOTD, dress down day at the office - the pieces are just so relax and free!


Thursday, April 16, 2015


 H&M today announced H&M Conscious collections featuring actress and fashion muse, Olivia Wilde; In line with the brand's Conscious movement.

H&M's sustainable fashion line, Conscious Exclusive, was born and features garments and accessories made of materials such as organic silk, organic cotton, organic linen, Tencel®, recycled polyester and conscious leather giving fashion saavy fans of the brand a wide range of stylish options while remaining environmentally aware.

This Spring season, dresses and handcrafted prints are at the heart of the new Conscious Exclusive collection for Spring 2015, with each edgy and elegant look made from more sustainable materials. Global influences are felt throughout the individual pieces, from Japanese draping to African embellishment, each given a fashion twist. New to Conscious Exclusive are recycled sequins and beads, making the collection more sustainable than ever.

But it is just so unfair that they create very basic men's collection....


Friday, April 10, 2015


The collection will be available for pre-order by contacting via email ( or via phone (+60192718871)



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