Sunday, March 1, 2015

Do you still blog?

I always smirk, whenever people ask me this question.
It is embarrassing to not blog anymore and I've stop calling myself a blogger for almost a year now.

One of the main reason will be my life commitments have change tremendously for the past few years. Work has been very consuming, and I have been gasping for air to catch up
I should just manage my time better to be able to write again - this time, I am serious.. 

That little bit within die a little for awhile. I felt so uninspired and practically not me anymore; or at least not how I imagine my life would be.

But was it all about writing? I am still contributed to several portals for awhile. No matter what it is, I am thankful that the fashion industry haven't discard me yet - That will be more depressing.

I blog only in the presence of coffee or some sort. Photo taken at Feeka Coffee


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