Saturday, April 25, 2015

Pretentious, the new hipster?

What have got into my head, after 9 months hiatus and here I am blogging with such title. Funny, how the terms was first coined when I had a chat with a friend about how pretentious people can be on social media. Coincidently, the next day writer from Glam Lelaki share a sneak peak of their upcoming issue which touch on the same issue, and use the exact word - Pretentious.

So are we really going to talk about this new trend of pretending? are we heading that way?

Well funny, how some people I know which starts from nothing in the industry, have now with a bit of popularity have given up on originality. It sad.

I coined the quotes from The Iron Lady recently on @ashmanmahfudz instagram post:-

“It used to be about trying to do something. Now it's about trying to be someone.”

My current job often associated to this term or some people call it 'plastic', the fashion industry is full with these kind of people as well and the number today is overwhelming.

Random thoughts, I dont know why I felt that I need to pen this down. Does penning this down make me less pretentious? May be we all starts somewhere, and found yourself in between.
I think when you found it, keep it.

Photo is a must huh? LOL my #OOTD in Songkhla, Thailand recently.

Uniqlo Crew neck white t-shirt, H&M Devided Sweatpants, Puma Running shoes, CKJ bag.


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